ultimate  practice tool


 "Tablón is the ultimate right hand practice tool! I can warm up my right hand while I read the morning paper, practice tremolo while I'm cooking breakfast, and it's virtually silent so great to use while sitting on the bus or on a flight. It's also an excellent tool to help students isolate their right hand and develop technique. Highly recommended!"

          Michael Partington
Concert Artist & Professor of Guitar
University of Washington


Part  of  my  solution


"Tablón has definitely become part of my solution to tending the high maintenance right hand techniques - arpeggios, tremolo, rasgueados or just string crossing - all made a little easier in the extra minutes of the day. I can't imagine riding the Metro North without it!" 
Daniel Corr

M.M. Yale School of Music

Concert Artist & Lecturer, Connecticut Community Colleges


more  practice  time


          "As a busy teacher, getting my own practice time is difficult. Tablón has made it possible to add hours of practice to my day. I recommend Tablón to all my students!"
        Edwin Itoh

Performer & Guitar Teacher

The Strum School, Los Angeles, CA




Tablón is individually handmade and designed with classical and flamenco players in mind. Tablón is constructed of solid poplar wood and hand finished. The bridges are precision made and machined to set the correct string separation (about 10.5 mm) on most classical guitars above the sound hole.  String dampeners reduce string sound so you can practice virtually anywhere. Tablón weighs approximately one pound (0.45 kg) and the string length is about 6 inches (15.2 cm). Tuners are made of metal and are adjustable. Tablón is 3.5 inches wide (8.9 cm). 




Tablón ships with D'Addario J27 silver-plated wound and clear nylon strings. It is recommended that you switch to your favorite string brand and string diameter. Most people just use an old set of strings. Since you are not playing on a fret board, the strings will last a long, long, time. 

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